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Invest More in Governance, Obi to Nigerian Youths

Vice Presidential Candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in the 2019 elections, Mr. Peter Obi, has advised Nigerian youths to invest their time, energy and resources in productive endeavours that would give their lives meaning.
Speaking in a lecture to mark Anaedoonline 2nd Anniversary yesterday, Obi called on Nigerian youths to focus the same strength and passion with which they engage in less edifying pursuits such as “BB Naija”, in the pursuit of their future which, according to him, included, taking interest in electing good people into leadership positions.
Decrying the culture of casting votes based on what Nigerians have baptized “ Stomach infrastructure”, Obi explained that the many societal ills bedeviling the country, if left unfettered, would hit the youth hard.
Decrying the rising rate of unemployment, inflation, poverty, ridiculous debt profile and many others, Obi said that fighting against those ills should form the focus of Nigerian youths whose future were becoming more bleak by the day.
Obi believed that, if the youth could shift some of the time they devote to social media  and analyzing the happenings in BB Naija house to the governance of country and support for young leaders with good vision for the country, Nigeria would be a better nation for all.
“ The nation is bedeviled by many societal ills like corruption, high unemployment rate, high cost of business operations, rising debt profile etc. The youth whose future are being jeopardized should be the vanguards of change and advocates of good governance, instead of being after inanities and unproductive ventures”, Obi said.
He opined that no power could stop a group of determined youths who had the desire to make positive impacts in their country. Obi therefore called on the youths to take their future in their hands and fight for good governance and a better nation for all.
Citing developed countries like United Kingdom and United States as examples, Obi said that the youth formed a strong political force that determined the political and economic course in such places. He advised Nigerian youths to focus more on building a better future for themselves and for the generations unborn.

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