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Presidency: Kokori Makes case for the South-East, Tips Obi

The problems with Nigeria boil down to leadership and the inability of Nigerians to vote in competent people because of pre-occupation with money politicians use to buy their votes and consciences. Chief  Frank Kokori  said this in his recent interactions with Journalists.
Looking holistically at the state of the nation, he said that Nigerian’s problem would only be solved when the leaders and the led learn to do things in the interest of the country. Kokori also supported the Presidency going to the South-East in the interest of equity and justice.
On the debate of whether the East has competent hands should the Presidency go to the Zone, Kokori affirmed that the region has a lot of competent people just like other  Zones in Nigeria, but lamented that due to money politics, those competent leaders end up not seeing the light of the day.
Kokori went ahead to suggest the likes of Mr. Peter Obi for consideration, based on his character, track record and unassailable disposition to life. His words: “I am not an Igbo man, but there are few people in Nigeria that I know that if you give them this position (President) in the East, a person like Peter Obi, he won’t be tribalistic, Peter Obi can rule this country, we are not friends, but I have got some close experience with him. Look at what he did in Anambra and he left a lot of money with the successor (Willie Obiano) to continue with the development of the state. This is a few of the good people that we have and you can’t change them. Peter Obi is a good man, simple, focused, he demystified power.”
Besides the likes of Obi, Kokori continued: “I also trust Okwesilieze Nwodo and there are few others. There are some good people in this country, they are everywhere, in the North, South, Middle Belt etc, that I know personally that can do something, I just mentioned the Igbo, others abound in other places.”
On the coming election in Edo State, he called for a level playing ground and for all those concerned to allow the best candidate according to the will of the people to emerge.

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